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Secretarial and Business Support When it comes to hiring employees, IMR has a proven record of placing the right person in the right job. Our success is due to our Perfect Recruitment Program, a consultative approach that details, from start to finish, how you will be presented with a perfect candidate.

Our program includes six phases that features components customized to most effectively service your account:

  • Customer Analysis to understand who you are and how we can be your perfect staffing partner.
  • Sourcing to locate candidates through the local community, niche resources and on the Web.
  • Screening to identify the desired skills, experience and temperament critical to a successful placement.
  • Selection to make an offer and ensure the candidate is capable of meeting the job requirements.
  • Negotiate pay package and other benefits.
  • Performance Monitoring to continually provide the highest level of service in the staffing industry.
  • Through this program, we reduce your attrition costs from loss of productivity to re-hire and decrease the time associated with the recruiting process by effectively sourcing and screening the new employee.
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